Bottle Armor for Wine Bottle

This is an armor to be jacketed on a wine bottle. This product is made using techniques for Edo armors being a collection of Japanese traditional crafts including goldwork woodwork, Kyoto textile, braided cord (kumihimo) and leather craft. This bottle armor was originally designed for a 1.8-litter sake bottle (Issho-bin) and then tailored to the size of a bottle of wine loved by people all over the world so that they can learn Japanese techniques and beauty.

Bottle Armor for Wine Bottle
Bottle Armor for Wine Bottle

Japanese Armor (Kacchu)

It was the late Heian Period followed by Kamakura Period and Muromachi Period when Japanese armors evolved.
Their figure maintained certain features while always being remodeled due to the transformations of weapons and the changes in battle forms. They gradually lost their practicality in association with the modernization of arms and the extinction of samurai class through the Meiji Restoration. Today, they are made as antiquities, craftworks and historical materials. Japanese armors are featured by their rich, beautiful coloring in comparison with other protective gears in the world. They were made fully utilizing techniques from various fields at that time such as wrought iron,leather, lacquer craftwork, metalwork and braided cord.

Tokugawa Ieyasu

Putting an end to the turbulent period of war which continued for 100 years, Tokugawa Ieyasu constructed the foundation of the Edo shogunate. In his youth he led a life of misfortune in various nations as a hostage of the “Oda clan” and “Imagawa clan.” However, he subsequently went on to become a unifying leader after the “battle of Sekigahara.”

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Minamoto no Yoshitsune played the biggest role in the “battle of Dannoura,” overthrowing the Heike clan. Highly skilled with the sword, he boasted overwhelming popularity even among military commanders for his ability to utilize ingenious tactics. However, he met a tragic end in a confrontation with his older brother Yoritomo.

Date Masamune

Boasting the strongest influence in the northeastern region, Date Masamune lost his right eye in childhood due to smallpox. Despite this, with his worldly wisdom and success in life, it is said that he may have taken control of the entire country if he had been born earlier.

Sanada Yukimura

Sanada Yukimura was a military commander who was active from the Azuchi-Momoyama period until the early Edo period. Based on his appraisal in subsequent writings as “Japan's greatest warrior,” he has gone on to become well-known and highly popular among the people as a hero.

Naoe Kanetsugu

Naoe Kanetsugu had the character for “ 愛 ” ( love ) on his helmet. A preeminent military commander in the Warring States period, he supported the Uesugi clan after the death of Uesugi Kenshin and is known as a celebrated chief retainer who prompted its development.

Manufacturer / Tadayasu-Kacchu

Over 50 years since the start of business, Tadayasu-Kacchu has devoted himself to the making of armors for long years while carrying on traditions from the first generation. Tadayasu-Kacchu’s armors always enjoy a good reputation precisely because he thoroughly engages in the making of armors with fully exercising all of his knowledge, expertise and mind represented by the accuracy of his skills backed up by his experiences, his serious attitude toward his work, etc. In particular, his careful historical background research is always unrivaled. Specifically, he reflects as much as information in the making of armors by checking with a tremendous amount of materials and by validating and discussing them in detail. You can see such unsatisfied persistency of Tadayasu in every detail of their armor.

Artisan / Yasuhiro Ohkoshi

July 14, 1969 Born in Koshigaya-shi, Saitama-ken as the 19th generation eldest son of Ohkoshi Family
September 1, 1993 Studied with his father - the 2nd generation Tadayasu Ohkoshi Yataro
June 1, 2007 Assumed as the representative director of Tadayasu-Kacchu and became the 3rd generation Tadayasu

Yasuhiro Ohkoshi