TOKYOSANDAL is a "MADE IN TOKYO" sandal that matches the climate of Japan, manufactured
at THE BOOTS FACTORY, making full use of shoe manufacturing and boots making techniques.

The main feature of TOKYOSANDAL is the shape of the top surface pursued from the viewpoints of ergonomics and podiatry medicine. This three-dimensional shape stabilizes your foot skeleton, supports comfortable walking, and reduces various foot pains. This complex shape is formed with only two bends (on thick cowhide) with the manufacturing method of molded plywood in wood processing based on the way of making skateboards. In Japan, Tendo carpenter company uses this manufacturing method and makes the butterfly stool designed by Sori Yanagi. In TOKYOSANDAL, this manufacturing method is applied to the leather to achieve moderate bending and "curves" that enables the best performance as a walking tool. Also, the sandals stitched down with the boots making method are tough and easy to repair with All Sole. The leather that fits well with your feet will give you the best comfort and assume taste and charm with aging. Here we offer the unique leather sandals that you can wear for many years.



He was born in Obihiro and grew up in Yokohama and Tsukuba.
Graduated from a Kobe Design University industrial design department.
He has begun production of shoes by self-education during a university student.

In 2003, he established CRAFTBANK.
In 2007, Rolling Dub Trio (boots brand)
In 2011, TOKYOSANDAL (sandal brand)

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