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~ KUMANO makeup brush set with KIMONO ~

While the best grade makeup brush manufactured in Kumano area has been highly praised by many makeup artists both at home and abroad, we have attempted to put Kimono on the makeup brush.

~ About Kumano ~

Manufacturing of brush in Kumano of Hiroshima prefecture is said to have been initiated at the end of Edo Period around 1830, having been passed down to now for about 180 years. Of 25,000 of population, 2,500 residents are involved in works related to Kumano brush, supporting Kumano as the top manufacturing area in Japan of writing brush, paintbrush and makeup brush, respectively. Among others Kumano makeup brush has been not only adopted by many domestic and overseas cosmetic makers but also used regularly by prominent makeup artists and hair stylists with a reputation as the world top-level brush.

About Kumano

~ Characteristics of Kumano makeup brush ~

One of reasons why Kumano makeup brush has been accepted by professionals is that powder adheres to the brush in such a way to be entangled. In case of an ordinarybrush of which hair bundle is cut by a machine, power adheres only to the cross section of the tip of the hairs. In case of Kumano brush, however, shape of the hairs is gradually tapered toward the tip because they are manufactured without cutting and so it is possible to achieve a finish without unevenness just by rubbing the skin with the brush with cosmetic powder adhered between gaps between tips of the hairs. In addition, another characteristic of Kumano makeup brush that uses a larger amount of hairs enhances absorption of cosmetic powders, making it possible to complete a makeup of fine and beautiful skin with healthy color just by single application.

Characteristics of Kumano makeup brush

~ About Hiroshima Artist Brush Manufacturing ~

Hiroshima Artist Brush Manufacturing Co., Ltd. located Kumano in Hiroshima prefecture has been engaged mainly in manufacturing and distribution of Kumano writing brush for about 150 years. In addition to writing brush, paintbrush and Japanese-style painting brush, other makeup brush products including cheek brush, face brush and lip brush have been manufactured in recent years satisfying demands from beginners to professional makeup artists. Makeup brush is manufactured according to characteristics of various hairs, using those of wild animals such as goat, squirrel, weasel and horse for tip of brushes. With the nice and soft texture and excellent usability of the natural tip of hairs, we are eager to attract ladies at a wide range of ages to use our products.

hiroshima artist brush
hiroshima artist brush
hiroshima artist brush
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